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Why UN?

Why Urban Nomad?


For an affordable price you can become the owner of a beach house, forest cabin or lake lodge – our vans are all in one!

Unique travel experience

Experience the real freedom of road trippin’ and the joy of not planning and get a taste of life on wheels in a house that rolls wherever you may roam.

Flexible pick-up time

Choose your own pick-up time. The pick-up location is in Belgrade.


Not sure which way to go? Do not fear, our crew is here! We are happy to recommend great adventures in Serbia.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Throughout your journey you can rely on 24/7 professional roadside assistance, as well as help from our crew.

From travelers to travelers

Our crew will make sure you get detailed instructions and a printed guide of Vanlife upon departure

Cribs on wheels

Our Vans

 Indulge your adventurous self with a living room that changes the view every day, located in a cozy little home on wheels. Choose your companion:

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