Our story

Our story

Our story begins where most of the stories end. That’s the well-known place called risk. We are a friends-and-family-based small business made of people allergic to “where everyone goes, I go as well”. That’s how we felt while growing up and that’s still our mindset today.

We were hustling through the years by paving our own paths, creating unique adventures and building our small worlds. Somewhere along the way, we became like family and we decided to bring our shared idea into existence. In our adventurous world everyone can find their own unique way of joy, happiness and celebration of life.

The only way for this fairytale to become real is accepting life as a challenge and learning to enjoy managing risk. To not run away from it. To become well prepared and brave. That’s when life will give you the best adventures. Don’t doubt that, just believe. ’Cause we believe as well and now we really are living our dreams. That’s why our story doesn’t have one ending – we hope that the end of every road is just the begginging of another.

The paths of us four met at a crossroad, and that’s where the idea for our business started coming to life. It’s moments like these that bring our focus to the present moment, where we find joy, happiness, excitement and everything else that makes our lives worth living.


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Iznajmi kamper. Uživaj u prirodi. Budi NOMAD.

Urban Nomad d.o.o.
11000 Beograd
Matični broj: 21679089
PIB: 112495120


Rent it. Go wild. Be a NOMAD.

Urban Nomad d.o.o.
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Registration number: 21679089
PIB: 112495120