Sustainability is an important topic for our team.  By purchasing “old” vans, we decided to extend their working life and at the same time improve their image in society, because in Serbia they are mainly used for “dirty” jobs. Given the age of campers, we are aware of the fact that they are bigger polluters than modern cars, so our goal is to install hydrogen catalysts for exhaust gas purification in all our vehicles in the coming period, and in the meantime we perform regular system cleaning. But of course, the story doesn’t end there, our vans have GPS devices with which we will record the kilometers traveled and organize the planting of a certain number of trees, which should be proportional to the amount of CO2 produced by our motor homes.

These activities will be carried out periodically during the planting season in cooperation with the environmental organization Familia Nature.

All Urban Nomad vans are unique because they are handmade. During the production, we used mainly natural and recycled materials, as well as re-used materials to which we gave a new value.

One of our vans is equipped with a solar panel, which enables a complete supply of electricity.

Traveling by van opens the door to some new adventures, exploring small, lesser-known and hidden places, and encouraging local people and rural tourism. We want to stimulate our Urban Nomads to turn to micro-tourism, to turn to nature, take care of it and to actively think about their impact on it.


Iznajmi kamper. Uživaj u prirodi. Budi NOMAD.

Urban Nomad d.o.o.
11000 Beograd
Matični broj: 21679089
PIB: 112495120


Rent it. Go wild. Be a NOMAD.

Urban Nomad d.o.o.
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Registration number: 21679089
PIB: 112495120