Essentials and Extras


Essentials and Extras

Everything you need is included!  Urban Nomad Vans are ready to hit the road. All you have to bring is yourself and a craving for adventure.

Comfortable ride

The driving cabin is fully equipped for max three people and your pet


Cozy bed with sleeping kit and a bunch of pillows


Small, but completely equipped for your camping cooking experience


Big rooftop deck ready for evening hangouts and camping under the stars


Our camper vans are as unique and fun, just like the memories you’ll make in them. Each of them is unique, and which ever you choose, you’ll have all the essentials necessary for a pleasant trip. Spend less time packing, We’ll take care of everything. Essentials kit contains:

Kitchen amenities

Fridge, gas stove and water tank

Camping table and chairs

Lightning and electrical outlets for your devices

24/7 Roadside assistance

Welcome package


If you are looking for more comfort during your road trip here are some items that’ll make it even more comfortable and memorable:


(7 EUR pc/rent)

Picnic blanket

(5 EUR pc/rent)

Picnic set

(15 EUR pc/rent)

Mini projector

(20 EUR pc/rent)


(10 EUR pc/rent)

Camping shower

(10 EUR pc/rent)


(15 EUR pc/rent)

Camping portable toilet

(25 EUR pc/rent)

Note: You will receive confirmation of the availability of extras in the selected period together with the e-mail booking confirmation.!

Pick all you need and start packing for your camping experience!