During your Urban Nomad adventure you can celebrate your special event or make a surprise celebration for a beloved one. We’re here to help you, guide you, listen to your ideas, or give you a hint on how we would make it work. Then we can make an unforgettable event experience together.

Birthday camping celebration

Surprise your beloved one and plan a van trip birthday. We’ll do our best to make your celebration unique. Your party will have special decorations and gifts for the birthday girl/boy. We will try to follow your instructions and ideas and share with you our vision of bringing those ideas into existence.

Bachelor/ Bachelorette party

You would like to organize different and unforgettable bachelor / bachelorette parties in nature? Who wouldn’t! 🙂

We will plan that day with you, give you suggestions, create a BRIDE package with special decoration, gifts and equipment that will wait for you in the van before your trip begins. The future groom has an adventurous spirit? The CREW package is just what you need! Surprise him with a van trip to some beautiful place in the nature where the guys can enjoy a BBQ and memorable chill time.

Romantic picnic / Camper movie night

If you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic picnic or movie night in the fresh air and under the stars, we will make that happen for you. Choose the LOVE package and the two of you will have a night to remember.


The Urban Nomad team has great ideas on how to spend a great honeymoon. WE will plan it according to your desires and try to make that special trip in the nature one of the best experiences you will ever have. Package LOVEBIRDS is always ready for you.

Team Building

Aren’t team building events the best if they are organized in non-everyday situations with new and different activities that wake adventurous spirits and bring new energy and change into our everyday life? Those are exactly the events that the Urban Nomad team is planning for you. To have a lot of fun while making better connections with nature and your colleagues choose the TEAM BUILDING package.


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