Rules and rental Terms & Conditions

Rules and rental Terms&Conditions 

Rules and rental Terms & Conditions

You must read and agree to everything below prior to renting an Urban Nomad vehicle. Renting any vehicle entails pages of disclaimers, contracts, insurance checks, and legalese. Renting from Urban Nomad is, unfortunately, no different.Therefore, we have attempted to simplify the most important parts of our policies into easily digestible language so there is no confusion or surprises.

NOTE: We take great pride in our beautiful vans, so renting one from us carries the responsibility of taking good care of it, not driving fast and not driving long stretches. Please remember you are renting a vintage vehicle. These vans are old, and are exposed to engine problems if not treated right, so we ask all our guests to be kind to it, take care of both the interior and the engine.

1.Reservation Policy

Because of their unique value, history, and the tender-love-and-care they sometimes require, here are some general guidelines that govern our renting these classic vans to adventure travelers:  

  • Reservation process
    Please send us your reservation request by filling out our form on the website. We’ll make sure to contact you shortly upon your reservation. During the reservation process, as a secure booking, there is a reservation deposit of 30% of the total amount.
  • Cancellation policy
    Due to COVID19 free cancellation is possible up to 5 days upon departure. If you cancel less than 5 days before the reservation deposit is not refundable. Refunds can take up to 5-10 days to appear on your bank statement.
  • Drivers
    All drivers must possess a driving license (valid for the entire rental period) and be present at time of vehicle pickup.  All drivers must be at least 23 years old and have at least 5 years of driving experience. We will require a photo of your driver’s licence – a copy will be taken when you arrive, and a form must be filled out before we hand over the keys to the van.

    An international driver’s license is recommended for foreign tourists and may be required if you will be purchasing insurance collision coverage.

  • Insurance
    Our vans are insured against collision damages and engine problems, so all you need is your travelers insurance. Security deposit is required against damage, unreasonable use, or excessive cleaning requirements. An insurance deposit of 300 EUR will be withdrawn upon arrival, and refunded at departure. You can choose either to give us a cash deposit or we can reserve that amount on your credit card.

    (Note: These vehicles are increasingly rare and not easy to repair or replace, so our after-rental damage inspections are thorough)

2. Vehicle pick-up and return

  • Pick-up and return time
    Pickups are available every day of the year except major holidays between 7am-10pm. In the event of a travel delay we will work with you to accommodate you as best as possible. Later or earlier pickups then agreed are sometimes available for a fee.
  • Pick-up and return locations
    You can find available pick-up locations on our website and choose which one best suits you. All pick-up and return locations in Belgrade are free and the rest have transport fees.
  • Min and max renting period
    Minimum number of days for van rental is two days and maximum is two weeks. Booking less than two days is not possible and for not returning the vehicle in max two weeks additional charges may apply.

3. Driving policy

All our guests are requested to accept that they are renting old and used vans, and them being old vehicles there are certain mechanical risks, even though all our vans are serviced and checked by professional mechanics frequently. Therefore, please follow our driving policy, since it’s really important. 

  • Driving speed and mileage
    With our VW Vans you are not allowed to drive more than 90km/h and with Renault Van 120km/h. Travel is limited to a maximum 100 km per day. We’ll ask you to keep an eye on the van for all possible mechanical issues during your trip and report it to our crew ASAP.

    You should not plan continuous drives longer than 6 hours in a day for a Renault or 4 hours in a Vanagon.  These campers are meant for enjoying the ride and taking your time. There are instances where a longer drive can be accommodated. If you are planning on longer drives please contact us to discuss and to get permission to do so.

    These are not off-road vehicles. Unimproved roads, high clearance, closed roads, trails, 4×4 trails and tracks are not permitted at any time.

  • Accidents
    In the unlikely event of an accident you must call Urban Nomad crew as soon as it is safe to do so.  If you are in an accident with other vehicles, be sure to get the driver’s license and insurance information of everyone involved.  If there is an injury or the vehicle is not drivable you will have to call local authorities to file a report.  If you have an accident you are responsible for your accommodation expenses.  We will work very hard to help you get back to your vacation as soon as possible.
  • Possible mechanic problems
    Our vehicles are regularly maintained by professional mechanics to ensure their reliability.  However, some of our vans are truly vintage, and from time to time mechanical and other issues may arise. In the event of an issue or if you suspect an issue you must contact us immediately!

    Often, problems with these vehicles only require minor fixes and we can get you back on the road without much hassle.  Failure to contact us, and to either keep driving or attempt to fix the vehicle yourself without our approval, or ignoring our instructions for an assessment of the vehicle may result in loss of security deposit and will void any rights to a refund!

4. Urban Nomad culture policy

Our crew is available for any help during your trip and will make sure that you have an incredible camping experience. Along with that, we have some extra rules for you: 

  • Pet Friendly
    All our vans are Pet Friendly and equipped with pet amenities. Maximum number of pets allowed in a van is two. Upon arrival you have to report all your travel companions including pets. If there is evidence of an unauthorized pet within the vehicle a minimum fee of 50eur will be assessed. Also, you are responsible for taking care of the van after your pet. Any additional damage will withdraw part of your security deposit.
  • Non-smoking policy
    Unfortunately, in all our vans smoking is not allowed. Please smoke outside the vehicle only.  Additional fees for not respecting that may apply.
  • Fuel
    Upon departure our crew will give you the vehicle with a full fuel tank. Please make sure to return it in the same condition. Not doing so, additional fuel fee may apply.
  • Cleaning
    Our crew is dedicated to providing clean and reliable Van. We are making sure to meet high standards when it comes to cleaning our vehicles with disinfectant and antibacterial/antiviral cleaner before and after each rental to help prevent the spread of germs between travelers. Bedding kit and towels are washed before and after every rental and all hard surfaces thoroughly cleaned.  Please, make sure you don’t leave garbage after you and keep your van as clean as possible.

5. The most important policy

Enjoy in your Urban Nomad adventure! Dream big, live tiny, explore and be a true nomad!