Why Urban Nomad? – Answer first:

I am writing this text on the eve of the 4th birthday of the Urban Nomad project. A lot is woven into this question, and so are a lot of answers.

Today I reveal to you the language of the Urban Nomad brand. For us, Urban Nomad is a science of living. And when we learn a new science, we first learn its history, but then the language as well 😀

Where does the name – Urban Nomad come from? What does it carry, what does it give us, and what does it take away?

In the beginning, we were looking for a name for our project for a while, maybe a couple of months. I don’t even remember other proposals now. I remember what inspired us to make our central theme: two incompatible things – Urban and Nomad. Nomads are anything but Urban. At least originally. The same goes for the slogan – both. It was a flyer from the Lumberjack company with a picture of New York where half of the page is occupied by the concrete part of the city, and the other half by “Central Park”, the New York forest. Something similar was written under this picture, now I remember exactly what, but “Urban-” something..

And I remember bringing that flyer home, showing it to Anna and saying – “look at this, I like this! Both! Both the city and the forest! Then we added the proposal to the list, among others. Finally, everyone liked this idea the most. In the end, I don’t even remember who suggested that the second one be “Nomad”, but it was easy to tie it to campers. And so this linguistic adventure began.

Those two words together brought and took away a lot of things all this time. Because all that time, we also live in the city. But we are also often in the countryside. We are often on the mountain where we bought the property and we know that “tomorrow” there will be an Urban Nomad camp there. Two totally different things together, at the same time in the 21st Century. Wondering how it will go?


And most will say 21st century, everything is possible, progress, “madness”. But today, doing two incompatible things, well, it’s a kind of prison. But only at first glance. You see, when you follow the beaten path, you don’t really think much about it. You wander around, chat with your friends and occasionally glance at the road leader. Just to make sure it’s there, so you don’t have to think about anything. You keep being there, and who cares, we’ll get somewhere.

On the other hand, if you are the leader of the road, you burn yourself on it, you do well, but it breaks you down. After the roads and paths where you lead, you begin to need a path where someone will guide you, and that is very difficult to find. You hardly tolerate others leading you, you are not used to it. Every leader feels the same, and there are few who manage to live life to the fullest as leaders of the beaten path in the 21st century. Simply put, the 21st century is great for monotony, at least for now. And one and the same, as announced in the 2000s by the then popular “house music”. Honestly, I don’t even know why it’s called that. Like “house” – house music. That’s the 21st century in a nutshell. Convince you that the beat used to torture prisoners in Vietnam is house music.

“Well, I won’t sing you that song”, we said when we decided to call the “rent a van” project Urban Nomad.


And really. And one thing. Urban. And another. Nomadic.

So how is that?

Here we are not sure yet. And we reveal the ease and difficulty of such a choice.

You know, that sounds nice. It looks great in the pictures. It has already become a popular culture in the world – #vanlife. We support it becoming popular, because we mostly know normal people from that world. Well if that will help it become popular normally. Let’s all go #vanlife? Then we are just riding that wave, let it burst, let’s all get a van and let’s go to the nomads.

But when it – “It’s not Žuča vrana”, what would Draganče say. People don’t understand – How is #vanlife, when every day there is work, bills, children+school, where are the things, where are the piki-kaki?? Many practical and simple questions, so how do we do it? How can we be both urban and forest? How can we find a measure without it being one or the other. Then it’s not both. We failed again.

With so many unanswered questions, people generally give up on further thought. Why?

Because these questions popped up as they wandered around walking the beaten path. These issues have not been brought to the home table loud and clear. They are not a priority. But by the way. Everything that burdens is important, and what liberates is not important. Don’t worry, that’s for another life. You see. It’s a prison you agreed to. And the incompatible, that unknown path, that is freedom!

And so, the majority continued the same. It’s great #vanlife out there somewhere, but you look back, remember where you are, the “back of the road leader” fades away for a while and you continue to chat in vain and hurry a little down that well-trodden path to no return. When you get there, then you dig in even harder. You support yourself a little more on that topic – “what are we getting carried away with, what a “vanlife”, I can’t even solve this “house life”, I still just miss the house changing its place. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” And so your #vanlife is reduced to “likes” of photos and videos on Instagram and occasionally you “tolerate” with your friends as it’s really up to the balls, then you continue to drive home-work every day – “she won’t come down” – the end quotes.

You see. It’s not an Urban Nomad. It’s monotonous, on the beaten track, a little chatter around, a little chat, then again every day, one and the same, and one and the same. It’s certainly no Urban Nomad.

And that is what Urban Nomad brought to us, who live it. He took away the monotony, the beaten path and the angry road leader.

And what did he bring us?

Well. We certainly won’t just reveal that to you. That would then be another well-trodden path. We have no intention of being another in a line of nervous road leaders, you know. We are here to push you into the “nekosheno”. To support your bold move that breaks new ground.

So where did you see that clearing is an easy job. Roll up your sleeves. If you’re really interested in what the Urban Nomad brings with it. Try your version of #vanlife. A variant of both.

Since we are all used to sales texts and advertisements – it would sound like this:

Do you also want to shake up your monotonous everyday life? Gather your courage in one point and let it fly! If you really let her go, she will turn into the ultimate high flyer and you will feel the freedom!

Find your own Urban Nomad trail.

Live both!

Unleashed Urban Nomad team!